Minnie Track

In early 2004, Jackson Services took the next step in laundry technology. Matching up shirts and pants had never been so high-tech. Thanks to our Minnie Track RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) System, we are better able to track our products. Inserting a small RFID “chip” into each garment and mat has allowed us to dramatically improve our service quality. Assigning each product a unique 10-digit number allows us to build a database of information that we can use in a variety of ways.

The RFID chip helps us to give our products better wash quality. It allows us to assign soil classifications to our garments,assuring we wash your garments on the optimal wash formulation. This results in a cleaner, longer lasting product.

RFID allows us to closely monitor our uniforms and assure customers that what comes into our facility will be delivered back out and not “lost” somewhere.

RFID helps us to service repairs in a more timely manner and to monitor all garments that get processed through our facility.

After laundry sorting is completed through the automated system, the RFID literally tells our employees where garments need to be stored. The system reads the number on each chip and sorts products according to where each should be placed for distribution back to the customer.