Why You Should Choose Jackson Services, Inc.

We understand that you have a lot of choices when it comes to looking for a uniform and linen service company across Columbus, Lincoln, Norfolk, and Omaha, but no one stands out from the crowd the way Jackson Services does!

The Four C’s

When it comes to providing superior service, we rely on the Four C’s to ensure that our uniform program is the industry leader!

Clean Products & Environment

At Jackson Services, we’re proud to keep advancing our laundry technology and have always made it a point to stay ahead of the curve and provide the cleanest product in the marketplace.

We’re also leading the charge in reduction of resource consumption. If we can’t recycle, reduce, or reuse, we’ll repurpose it. Almost all of the products we use for our uniforms, linens, and textiles are donated to the Orphan Grain Train for those in need once they’ve fallen below the high standard of quality we desire!


Complete & Accurate Deliveries

At Jackson Services, we guarantee our deliveries are made 100% complete with the help of two processes:

  1. The Par Delivery System: After every delivery is completed, our service personnel will manage your towel and linen inventory to make sure that you have exactly the right amount of product you desire. This helps prevent lost items, unintentionally discarded items, or miscounted deliveries!
  2. The Minnie Track RFID System: Our Minnie Track system tirelessly tracks all mats and garments from the time they are received until they’re ready for delivery. Our systems ensures your items are cleaned, repaired, and sorted correctly before being checked once more to make sure we’re 100% accurate with your delivery before it goes out the door.

Consistent Quality & Billing

To keep the quality of our products high, we run everything through our intensive inspection and upgrade procedures to maintain a consistent high quality among all of our rental programs.

When it come to your billing, Jackson Services has recently added the Goodlife garment & linen plan to make invoicing easy. Our billing has zero surprises and is always fair, providing predictable pricing for years to come!

Communication & Capable Support

Issues are bound to arise in every industry. They’re inevitable. What sets us apart from the competition, though, is our commitment to communication with the customer.

We’re always ready to initiate a proactive customer visitation to ensure that small issues our customers may be experiencing don’t become major problems. This helps us fix an issue quickly and completely to prevent recurring problems.

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