Restroom Supplies

Never run out of necessary items in your restroom! Jackson Services proudly offers a wide range of soaps, paper towels, toilet tissue, and air freshener options to keep customers and employees happy.


Soy Scrub (PK SOYL)

The PK SOYL industrial hand cleaner combines an extra strength soybean formula combination designed for maximum skin cleansing with double scrubber action, fibril, and pumice to get at the toughest of soils. Soy scrub is a water-activated, concentrated formula, which exfoliates naturally and is 100% biodegradable.

Foam Soap

The FoamFresh antimicrobial hand soap offered at Jackson Services comes in 1-liter bags, providing more than 1,300 handwashes! It dispenses a fragranced soft foam that makes for an enjoyable handwashing experience.

Hand Sanitizer

Both alcohol-free and alcohol-based hand sanitizers are available for purchase! These sanitizers kill 99.99% of all disease-causing germs and bacteria.

Paper Products

Center Pull Towels

Jackson Services is proud to offer a variety of options with our center pull paper towels! Center roll paper towels are great because they limit waste and cross-contamination by producing one towel at a time. All center pull paper towel rolls are made from 100% recycled fiber, providing environmental benefits and a positive image as a greener company!

Toilet Tissue

Our jumbo toilet tissue rolls are the perfect solution for keeping bathrooms stocked, as the large sizes have a high capacity, which means fewer refills and reduced labor. Toilet tissue rolls are made from 100% recycled fiber, and jumbo tissue roll dispensers come in both single and twin styles!

Air Fresheners

Jackson Services is proud to provide TCell™ odor control systems designed by Technical Concepts! These air fresheners dispense a consistent level of fragrance for 60 days. Unlike conventional gel systems that lose fragrance intensity over time, the TCell remains constant and contain Microtans®, a true odor neutralizer.

How does the TCell work? The fuel cell creates hydrogen with the fragrance chamber. As each molecule of hydrogen is created, it forces an equal volume of fragrance out of the chamber. Coupled with natural air flow in your washroom, fragrance is distributed evenly throughout the room!


If you’d like to learn more about towel options, including our continuous roll towels, be sure to view our full towel selection!