Textile & Uniform Rentals for Automotive & Trucking

Jackson Services has partnered with many automotive dealerships, mechanic shops, and trucking companies over the years to provide superior uniforms and textile services. We can help you keep shops throughout Columbus, Omaha, and Western Iowa run smoothly and look great!

Auto Uniforms

Automotive Uniforms

Mechanics and automotive technicians should be wearing the latest, most comfortable uniforms in the industry! At Jackson Services, we provide both program shirts and generic automotive apparel that’s designed with the automotive, trucking, and transportation industries in mind.

Comfort Flow Mats & Shop Towels

The best ways to keep your employees happy and your facilities clean is with textile rental services from Jackson Services. Being on your feet all day can be straining, but with a comfort flow mat that’s designed to protect against oil and dirt, employees won’t feel the strain or worry about stains. Our fender protectors are also perfect for keeping customer vehicles safe while working hard on the issues they need resolved.

Dust Control Mat