Nearly 100 Years of Providing Uniform Rentals & Textile Services

From our early days of offering rug shampooing and car interior cleaning to our current use of a state-of-the-art garment tracking system, Jackson Services has accomplished a lot since opening in 1924. We’ve been lucky enough to work with great clients in Columbus and throughout Eastern Nebraska, and we continue to push ourselves to remain an industry leader in the area!

They do a really good job for us. We had a blizzard here last week and they let us know about any delays and were still able to provide us service. Their staff is very helpful and friendly.

Kathy Miller

Construction Dept Manager, Chief Construction

It’s great. We are having no problems. I love my route guy and his manager. They are willing to work with me. When I call in, the girls are nice and helpful. I have nothing but positive things to say about Jackson Services.

Sally Oden

Oden Enterprises, Inc.

I feel they have gone out of their way to be a great supplier. They are very willing to work with you. They also are sure to inform you of any problems or changes.

Dave Stara

Plains Equipment Group

They are very easy to work with. If I send an email or call them, their response time is tremendous.

Lisa Miller

Leach Camper Sales

Definitely a 10. You guys do a great job and that is what I am looking for. I need vendors that I can tell- ‘This is what I need’ and they do it. You guys do that and I don’t have to worry about it.

Russ Aken

Midwest Turf and Irrigation

They’re wonderful. We’re very pleased with their service. The company we were with before them overcharged us terribly.

Mike Lockwood

Valley Forklift

They are treating me good. I have no complaints. My driver is outstanding. I went away from Aramark to Jackson and the difference has been like night-and-day.

Michael Flynn

Daniels-Olsen Building Products

It’s been great. He’s getting the invoices to me on time and everything has been fine. He’s always very happy and pleasant. I can’t think of anything they could do better so I’d give them a 9.9 out of 10.


Office Manager, Gretna Plumbing & Drain Services LLC

I appreciate that Jackson appreciates our business. Everyone that I have dealt with shows that they appreciate our business, not like the former company we had.

Dale Spartz

Titan Machinery

Great! Awesome! No complaints. I’ve referred you to a friend and now he uses Jackson. We really like our driver!

Joel Figueroa

Maco Auto Repair

I have had many different companies over the years that gouge you and I am pleased that Jackson has kept their prices steady.

Ann Hough

Harold K. Scholz Co.

It’s going very well. I’m really satisfied. The driver is real nice and does everything that he can for us. We have been dealing with you for the past 40 to 50 years and things have been good.

Terry Reardon

Reardon Lawn and Garden

I’ve been with them for 22 years and they’ve always done a good job.

Rick Campbell

Ten Minute Lube Center

They always do an excellent job no matter what the weather or circumstances. They are always very friendly. Everything is always very clean. I can’t say enough good things about them. We are extremely happy with Jackson and we’re staying right there with them.

Bryon Forney

Forney Repair

Things are good. We used to have Aramark and they were terrible so we really appreciate Jackson.

James Scow

Nebraska Vault

No complaints. We haven’t had any problems with you, that’s why we use you instead of Cintas. Your rugs actually do lay down and the drivers are very efficient. They don’t interrupt the flow of what we are doing here and that’s a good thing.

Todd Daganaar

Nebraska Home Appliance

We have had several different companies and Jackson is our favorite one of all. They are really good.

Lynda Peterson

Georgian Place

We are very happy and appreciate the job our delivery driver has done for us. He is always here in a timely I/fashion, is friendly and extremely helpful. He will ask us I questions and make recommendations. We’ve been very I, pleased with the results of his recommendations.

Beverly Powers

Tran-Tec Corporation