Mats, Mops, & Towel Rentals

Jackson Services offers rental options for mats, mops, towels, and other supplies for businesses in Central Nebraska that can help keep facilities clean throughout the year!



Classic Mat

Our most popular option is our classic mat, which comes in various sizes and colors. The ultra-twist and heat set nylon yarn construction helps fight against packing and crushing, helping dirt filter into the mat rather than remaining on top. The 100% nitrile rubber backing provides increased durability and slip/skid resistance!

Scraper Mat

Made of 100%, 1/4 inch thick nitrile rubber, our scraper mat has molded tread surface cleats that help to scrape tough dirt and grime off of shoes. This helps keep your floor clean, controlling messes right by the door!

Comfort Flow

Great for restaurants and cooking areas, our comfort flow mat is an anti-fatigue mat that can be washed without difficulty! This mat is made of 100% nitrile rubber for superior grease and oil resistance and treated with an antimicrobial agent to guard against odors.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Our regular anti-fatigue mat is made up of closed-cell nitrile/PVC with cushion backing to provide outstanding comfort. Our mats are 5/8 inch thick, resistant to oils and chemicals, and come with a textured surface to prevent slips and skids.


If you’re looking for the best mat to keep your facility neat and tidy, rent one of our Ultimats. The Ultimat combines high twist solution dyed nylon carpet yarns and high twist abrasive solution dyed nylon fibers along with a nitrile rubber backing that is 25% heavier. This mat is the most effective mat at removing soil, and it reduces soil movement caused by foot and cart traffic!


A great way to showcase your business, a logomat created by Jackson Services is your best bet! Just provide us with your logo electronically, and we can custom design a logomat for you. These mats are the premium option for mat function and brand enhancement.



Microfiber Wet Mops

For deeper cleaning, our microfiber wet mops use heavy-duty strands in fantail style to provide a wide surface span and even coverage. The unique microfiber blend helps pick up even the smallest dirt particles. This mop won’t shred or lint when used on abrasive surfaces either, staying true to its name!

Dust Mops

Dust mops are great for cleaning up dust bunnies and loose dirt. Our mops collect particles through static cling and the unique twisted yarn design. The looped end construction prevents fraying and allows for better soil pickup. They are made with tough polyester backing that lasts longer and doesn’t shrink. They’re also great for most types of flooring and are available in a wide range of sizes and options, including racked, unracked, treated, and untreated.



At Jackson Services, we provide a wide selection of towels that make cleanup a breeze in almost every industry! Choose the towel set that works best for you today.

Industrial Towels

  • Shop Towels: For more traditional industrial and automotive work, our orange shop towels are perfect for detail and body shop work! Choose either our 18×18 inch or 18×30 inch towel sizes.
  • Unique Microfiber: Easily pick up tiny dirt particles and liquid spills with our unique microfiber towels, which come in green for industrial purposes!
  • Fender Covers: The best option for protecting a vehicle while it’s being worked on is with our fender covers, which are 36×60 inches and made of 100% cotton!
  • Polish Towels: Our polish towels are 100% cotton terry towels, which are great for cleaning up dirty industrial environments! These towels come in blue.
  • Ink Towels: Coming in both 18×18 inch and 18×30 inch options, our ink towels are perfect for ink cleanup and wiping down any print machinery! Ink towels come in blue.
  • Continuous Roll Towels: Our continuous roll towels are cabinet hand towels that reduce waste. Towel options come in both blue and white.

Kitchen Towels

  • Bar Mop (Terry Towels): A 100% cotton terry towel, our bar mops come in white with a blue stripe down the middle. We carry 32 ounce, 16×19 inch towels.
  • Bar Towels: Our bar towels are a 27 ounce, HBT towel with a green center stripe, designed to leave less lint behind. These towels are sized at 15×29 inches.
  • Grill Pads: Built with terry cotton that’s specifically designed with added thickness to clean stubborn grill tops! Grill pads come in yellow.
  • Microfiber: To pick up the smallest dirt particles and liquids, the microfiber blend leaves nothing behind. These towels come in blue.

Hospitality & Healthcare Towels

  • Bath Towels: 100% cotton, terry towels come sized at 22×44 inches and come in blue or white.
  • Lab Towels: 27 ounce huck towels are available in sizes of 16×32 inches.
  • Hand Towels: 100% terry cotton and sized at 16×27 inches Our hand towels come in white.
  • Wash Cloths: 100% cotton towels with an overlock stitch come sized at 12×12 inches.