The Minnie Track RFID System at Jackson Services, Inc.

As we’ve grown up, all of us at Jackson Services have set goals for new ways to improve both our company and the uniform and linen rental industry. In 2004, we were able to accomplish a major goal with the introduction of our Minnie Track RFID System!


What Is the Minnie Track RFID System?

Every garment and mat leaving Jackson Services is fitted with an RFID “chip.” With this chip, we have been able to dramatically improve our service quality, as it assigns each product in our inventory with a unique 10-digit number that allows us to build a database of information. Over time, that information allows us to know where a certain item is, if it’s in need of repair, or if it’s being ready to go to a client.

Consistency Through Minnie Track

There’s nothing more frustrating than sending garments out for cleaning and repair, to then receive only bits and pieces of your order when it comes back. At Jackson Services, you never need to worry about this happening thanks to the Minnie Track system and our four simple steps we take that allow us to promise 100% accurate deliveries!

Identifying Garments

As soon as a garment enters our facility, it is identified by the Minnie Track system and added to our database, which tracks each order from the time it enters the soil tunnel to when it departs on our trucks.

Repairing & Replacing

After cleaning, each garment is inspected and is repaired or replaced as necessary. This process is simplified with Minnie Track as we can individually mark garments in need of repairs, ensuring all items are delivered as you requested!

Sorting Garments

Garments then get sent to sorting. Minnie Track will sort all the garments together to ensure each customer receives exactly what they ordered in clean, organized bundles.

Verifying Your Order

Before leaving our facility, each unique route-ready bundle is scanned by Minnie Track a final time. This last check helps us provide 100% accurate, consistent delivery and ensures that every item that came into our facility will return back to our customers!

Download Our Repair App!

In less than one minute you can help us provide better service by letting us know of any garment laundering or repair needs through our repair app! Search for Jackson Garment Repair on Apple's App Store or on Google Play and download it today!