Uniforms & Textile Rentals for the Service Industry

Jackson Services offers the perfect solutions for new uniforms, towels, linens, and more for local plumbers, HVAC contractors, and other service industry members! We can help you restock your supply closets while keeping your employees looking great and feeling comfortable.


At Jackson Services, we carry a variety of executive shirts and pants, comfortable performance knit polo shirts, as well as safety uniforms that are great for local plumbers, HVAC contractors, and more!

Healthcare Uniforms
Healthcare Supplies


Within the service industry, making sure that you have the textiles you need to keep front offices and bathrooms clean is important. We’re happy to offer all of the necessary items that will keep your business running smoothly on a daily basis!


Areas with high traffic can attract dirt and grime easily. That’s why it’s a great idea to add a classic mat or scraper mat to help keep these areas clean. Logomats are also a great option for service industries.


All toweling and laundering needs can be handled through Jackson Services! We can work with you to set up a weekly rental agreement to keep your bathrooms and service areas stocked.


When messes present themselves, custodial staffs will need the right tools to clean up. Our wet microfiber mops and dust mops make cleaning around your facilities quick and easy. We also ensure the integrity of our mops and will upgrade and change out any items that become damaged or need repair!